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2016 Ford Transit-350 in Spokane


2016 Ford Transit-350 in Spokane

The biggest and most impressive van around is none other than the highest trim available to the Ford Transit. This van comes fully loaded with all the right features, enough cargo space for everything, and more. That is why the 2016 Ford Transit-350 in Spokane is one of the best available work vans around. It can also be highly customized as well to fit your exact needs. This is when technology starts to come in play as it can feature advanced safety features, navigation, sound system, and more.

2016 Ford Transit-350 Options

It is no surprised that the Transit has always been customizable to fit your work desires to make the job easier. You can choose from different trims and models that can turn the 2016 Ford Transit-350 into the dream work van for all your items. You can expect to see the same engine options, or close to, as the previous year models which offered up power and fuel efficiency.

Spacious 2016 Ford Transit-350 in Spokane

If you seek space and cargo room for as much as possible, than this is the van you seek as it has extended wheelbase and can have an extended roof if you haul tall items. This is the van that can be longer than the 150 and 250 trims offering up more space.

When you are looking at the 2016 Ford Transit-350 in Spokane you will notice that it comes with tons of advanced features already attached to it with others as options. One of these options is navigation which really comes in handy when you are always traveling to unknown destinations. This system not only will help you get to where you need to go, but it also can help find the fastest routes. You can get live and up to date traffic information and weather so you can avoid the congested areas and know what to expect once you get there.

When you are searching high and low for a van that fits your company, sometimes it can take a little bit of time. The 2016 Ford Transit-350 in Spokane allows it to be fully customized so you can make it the perfect work vehicle. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 509-924-1000 or come on down to Gus Johnson Ford in Spokane Valley. You can schedule a test drive to see for yourself. We proudly serve Spokane, Cheney, Post Falls, and Liberty Lake.

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