Gus Johnson Ford
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Dan Shaffer
Service Manager
(509)924-1000 Ext. 147

"A measure of a person or company is how they step-up when something goes wrong. Despite our best intentions, sometimes stuff happens. Dan and his team at the service department stepped up and made it right after a simple but significant mishap. That sort of service is hard to find." -Ron
John Mosher
Warranty Administrator
(509)924-1000 Ext. 162

"Great place to do business with. Sam, Dan and John are the most knowledgeable people in Spokane area. Always get the best service at Gus Johnson Ford. If you want your car fixed right trust them!"
Dick Morgan
Service Advisor
(509)924-1000 Ext. 118

"Great service department !!! Dick morgan always helps us and always does an outstanding job!! We couldn't be happier with our experience at Gus Johnson." -Brad
Keith Trowbridge
Service Advisor
(509)924-1000 Ext. 120

"Keith in the Service Department did a perfect job. He was tentative in the midst of a very busy Friday afternoon and was sure to answer any questions completely. He gave me intermittent progress updates as I was in the waiting room as well. He went above and beyond to tend to my needs during a busy afternoon and he did flawlessly." - Sarah Y.
Don Mashtare
Service Advisor
(509)924-1000 Ext. 152

"Awesome service experience. Got my car serviced with the Ford Maintenance plan and got a full exterior detail in the cold, cold weather. They only charged me $90. Walked out only paying $102.72. Before I left Donald checked and make sure the detailing team washed the engine. They had forgotten to, so he had them get that done. Something I never would have checked. Great experience, would recommend you go see Donald to get your car serviced."
-Cameron O.
Jeff Kiehn
Service Advisor
(509)924-1000 Ext. 119